Dustin Fossette


As founder and principal mortgage advisor at Peerless Residential Mortgage, I have participated in both the banking and broker industries and from past lending experiences, I am able to fully assist every client of all walks of financial standings. It is my duty to make sure each client has a personal, professional experience with me, I am with each client every step of the loan process journey, from the beginning of the signing of your loan application submission documents to the key exchange at the day of closing, we are with each client from start to finish. Whether that may be helping the first time home buyer, clients with credit trouble, refinancing your current property or assisting with a secondary or investment property, each and every clients experience is tailored 100% specific & unique to each individual specific needs, wants and ability to repay. It is our fiduciary responsibility and moral ethical duty to make sure each client has explored every option and avenue before making the final decision on loan programs, length term of loan program, refinancing or investment purchase.